The blockchain incremental experiment

What is this?

This website is plain html & javascript, and it connects to the ethereum blockchain using metamask or mist.

Incremental experiment?

There is a smart contract on the blockchain with this number in the center, and your goal is to make it go as high as possible! You can do this by upgrading the speed through a blockchain transaction.

I upgraded, how do I see if everything worked?

You should be able to access the transaction page from where you placed the transaction. You will see if it is still pending, if it failed or succeeded.

Cool! How did you do that?

With a combination if next.js, bulma and web3.js. The code will be made public and Open Source after the experiment is over.

How can I replace my address with my username?

Use the form below. It costs 0.01 ether to change your username, and you can do it as much as you like!



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